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Makeover and Image Consultants

Did you know that you could look YOUNGER, SLIMMER and HEALTHIER simply by wearing the right colours and styles?

At “Your First Impression” we offer a range of services to help you look great and feel amazing. Call and speak to us about any of our services such as makeovers, colour analysis, style advice and make-up lessons. Ask us about our “What to Wear” workshop or wardrobe planning and personal shopping.
At “Your First Impression” we teach you all you need to know, to look your absolute best all the time.
The process will amaze you as we show you simple tricks that will highlight your assets while camouflaging or making your faults fade into insignificance. Check our Camouflage page. Best of all you will emerge happy and confident with your new found knowledge.




Learn what are the right colours for your colouring

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet feel you have nothing to wear?   Do you shop for hours and still feel unhappy or unsure of your purchase?  If so, you need to learn what are the right colours for your colouring and what are the right garments  for your body shape. We would love to help you develop your own personal style, so that you will not only look fabulous but feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You will learn all you need to know by having a colour analysis and style consultation. .We offer the best range of style advice you could ever find. You will be transformed

Corporate Image

If you are looking for advice on business or corporate dress, then we can certainly help you. The way your staff dress, conveys volumes about how your company does business. So allow us to show you and your staff how to dress in a way that will impress, while conveying the message your company is professional and current. You may need advice as to an appropriate dress code or uniforms. We are here to help you.



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A note from the director and head image consultant and stylist
Hi, I’m Suzanne,I am an image consultant and makeover stylist. In 2002  I started Your First Impression Image consultancy.Since then we have worked with individual clients, small businesses, large companies and corporations. Our aim is to help everyone to portray the best image possible. At “ Your First Impression” our mission, is to have each of our clients, know, that looking amazing is possible.
We provide a kind, caring, service which takes the confusion out of how to look good. We offer all, the opportunity to feel brand new at each consultation. We show people of all ages, from all walks of life, how to look good and thus feel fantastic about their personal image, because having a great personal style, is reachable for anyone at any age.

All you need is the right tuition.
In  2009  we launched the, ”“What to Wear” workshop so that our incredible information would be available  to all women. We look forward to meeting and working with you


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